Travelling Business

TravelTravelling Business

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

SenYou are positioned at the high end to meet all the demands of your journey.

Medical tour: professional hospital, safe treatment, let you relax in the journey.

Customized travel: tailor-made, unique trip experience, wish to leave the highlight of your life journey.

Business trip: the Japanese hundred years enterprise visit, the craftsman close communication, let you experience the sureness and the classic behind the Japanese glitz.

Ticket sales: sports events, big exhibitions, a ticket is no longer a barrier to your contact with your idol.

Thousands of travel, break the routine, subvert the concept of travel, create a new style of tourism. Thousands of mountains, easy to go.

Lodging Business

LodgingLodging Business

New Lifestyle Hotel

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Our concept is to create new type of hostel

1) To creating an exchange space (lobby) between Japanese youths and foreigners. – Foreigners can discover Japanese modern culture, Japaneses youths can build friendships by exchanging opinion and point of view.

2) Aesthetic and modern design for Japanese youths

3) Low price accommodation and emphasizing private space of the room.

4) By the increase of inbound customers and Japanese youths, we’re going to expand our business at Osaka. Tokyo, Fukuoka, Kyoto and Sapporo are coming later.

Consulting Business

ConsultingConsulting Business

CKC Group’s chairman and his multinational team have an expert experience in inbound business industry (Traditional Japanese Inn, Hotel, IT support, Web engine, Major travel agencies (China biggest online travel agency))

『Marketing Strength』
•The latest market trends research from multinational employees (Japan, Thailand, China, UK, US)
•Promotion strategy
•Comprehensive data collecting and intensive analysis

『Support Plan Details』
Inbound Business
•Marketing research, analysis, and suggestion
•Exhibition arrangement, support and agency
•Online travel agent contract agency and administrative task
•Ctrip’s product development, sale, operation support / advertising proposal support
•Tour guide support
•Foreign customer service and communication training
•Foreigner perspective survey
Overseas Advertising
•Wechat official account publicity
•Weibo official account operating
•TikTok advertising agent, publicity support
•Instagram advertising agent, publicity support
•Translation and interpreter
•Strategic analysis, proposal and support for overseas expansion